Our Products

Life Insurance and Living Assurance

The financial consequences of having a critical illness or dying prematurely can be catastrophic. Life insurance could provide you and your family with financial protection. Living Assurance is designed to provide a sum of money on the diagnosis of certain critical illnesses.

Income Protection/Accident, Sickness and Mortgage Protection Cover

What are the financial implications of you being off sick or unable to work long term. How will you pay for, your mortgage, other debts, utilities, food, etc. An income protection insurance policy will help you maintain your standard of living.

Health Insurance

One of the major reasons for people choosing private health cover is that it avoids the stress of long hospital waiting lists and inconvenient appointment times. It enables you to choose where and when you have your treatment and gives you more control over your healthcare.

Business Protection

Key Person Protection and Income Protection can insure your company against the financial loss of a key employee as a result of death and illness. Partnership Share Protection enables remaining partners to purchase the share of the business from the deceased partner and to provide dependants with capital.